Donald Trump lacks preparation, temperament to be President, says Barack Obama


US President Barack Obama rehashed on Tuesday that the Republican possibility for the White House, Donald Trump, does not have the personality and arrangement important to involve the Oval Office, in his first response to the broadcast banter on Monday night between the land tycoon and his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

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"Anyone who was watching the level headed discussion, I think got a feeling that you got truly strongly differentiating dreams about where we ought to take the nation," EFE news cited Obama as saying in a radio meeting on the Ryan Seacrest appear. Obama said he was "as a matter of fact one-sided" for Clinton, whom he said is "all around arranged" and has the "right demeanor for the occupation" of President, and in addition being profoundly regarded by everybody.

"I would say that (Trump) doesn't have the planning, the demeanor, or the center estimations of incorporation and making everyone have open doors that would take our nation forward," Obama said in regards to the agent turned-government official. Lately the President has said on various events that he considers Trump unfit and ill-equipped to involve the Oval Office.

At his day by day question and answer session, Obama representative Josh Earnest affirmed that the President had watched the verbal confrontation this Monday night in the White House. Sincere noticed Clinton's solid contentions, especially at the beginning of the level headed discussion, when she laid out her financial procedure, like what Obama has sought after amid his administration.

 As per the representative, one reason Obama gave the radio meeting on Tuesday on the Ryan Seacrest show was to advance National Voter Registration Day for the November races, since, he said, "each race is a major decision; this one is particularly huge on the grounds that there's such enormous contrasts between the two applicants, and individuals need to enroll to vote".

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