Don-Turned-Politician Shahabuddin was released on bail after spending 11 years in jail


Hunched on a bed in a room in Siwan, west of Patna, 70-year-old Chandrakeshwar Prashad affirms damage. His words allude to the arrival of wear turned legislator Mohammad Shahabuddin on safeguard subsequent to being in prison for a long time.

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An individual from the Rashtriya Janata Dal, some portion of Bihar's decision organization together, Shahabuddin was sentenced a year ago for the homicide of Mr Prashad's two children in 2004. He was serving two life sentences in two separate cases.

Be that as it may, he got safeguard in the homicide instance of Rajiv Roshan, Mr Prashad's eldest child. An observer in the homicide of his two siblings in 2004 – Rajiv was shot dead in 2014.

Mr Prasad has engaged the Supreme Court for the cancelation of Shahabuddin's safeguard, refering to risk to his family, as well as 35 continuous trials, in which, he says, witnesses will now be excessively terrified, making it impossible to affirm.

The Patna High court chose to offer safeguard to Shahabuddin because of a deferral in beginning trial in the Rajiv Roshan case. The position taken by government legal counselors propose sketchy capability and, as indicated by a few, damage.

"I do feel that the legislature is with Shahabuddin. On the off chance that the legislature needed, they could have kept a decent attorney and restricted safeguard," said Mr Prashad.

Uncommon Public prosecutor Shyameshwar Dayal did not contend the situation in High court yet sent his lesser for the vital safeguard hearing. As a stand-in for Mr Dayal, Additional Public Prosecutor R N Jha represented a weak contention, guaranteeing postponement was on account of Shahabuddin was moved to another correctional facility after his part was associated in the homicide with a columnist in Siwan in May.

What he neglected to say was that Shahabuddin had held up the trial for over a year, recording rehashed petitions to weaken the charges.

"We thought the case will come up in November, that is the point at which the nine months given by Patna High court would have terminated. We had not anticipated that Shahabuddin's legal counselors would go to court by end of August," said Raghavar Singh,public prosecutor for the situation from Siwan, uncovering the state's absence of readiness.

The police said since Shahabuddin was moved to a correctional facility outside the area, conveying him to court represented a test. The clarification doesn't make any sense, said neighborhood BJP administrator Om Prakash Yadav. "There is innovation now to lead a trial from anyplace," he said.

In any case, the greatest inquiry is the manner by which Shahabuddin was permitted to leave jail regardless of being served two life sentences for homicide – the most recent one final year.

"This is by all accounts a circumstance where a man is discharged in a pending case and afterward he is an existence convict in different cases. I think the court ought to be extremely watchful," said senior legal advisor Sidharth Luthra.

The Supreme Court will hear Shahabuddin's answer to the safeguard cancelation request one week from now.

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