Dog jumps into river, Man dives in to save him, here’s the video


A man was rescued after he heroically jumped into the river Thames in London to save a struggling dog. The dramatic rescue was gotten on camera by one of the rescuers.

In a video posted on Twitter by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution or RNLI, crew on a lifeboat can be seen speeding towards the man who is perched precariously on rescue chains attached to the embankment wall. With one hand, he clutches onto the dog.

The rescuers initially take the damp dog and wrap it in a warm blanket. Then they help man onto the boat.

Once they safely reach the shore, it becomes apparent that the puppy is not the man’s. The dog’s grateful owner, waiting anxiously  by the side of the river, surges over to thank the good Samaritan and save crew.

“That was crazy. He literally just ran along the pavement and just hopped straight over – without a second breath,” the pooch’s owner tells one of the rescuers on camera.

Individuals took to Twitter to applaud the passerby’s efforts to save the puppy:

While praising the man’s ‘brave act’, crew member Mick Nield warned individuals against diving into rivers to save animals. Conversing with the Daily Mail, he recommended individuals call the authorities for help.