Does your number lucky for you?


Many of you do your lot of important work through your phone number. Many a times you use your number, for the money transactions, for a new start, and sometimes even have to use it. So, if your mobile number is your lucky number, then you will get good results or else you end up with unfavorable results. Read to Know more about it, if your number is lucky or not.

If you are buying a new number then make sure you buy according to numbers subtotal. If the subtotal is your date of birth then you can choose that number as numerology says our date of birth play a very lucky role in our life.  So, if your date of birth is 8 and after sub totaling your numbers you get 8 then your number is lucky for you.

If you are buying new numbers then buy according to its subtotal and secondly make sure that the numbers are in growing order. Atleast your last two numbers should be in growing order. For example 98502 34689. But be careful some numbers are very unlucky.

8 is the unluckiest number. If your numbers have many 8 then its better to change the number. Like 9858808178 it will be unlucky as it have so many 8. Read more To know about which number is luckiest.

9 and 1 are the luckiest number. If your number have many 9 and 1 in that then you should keep that number.