Does God Really Exist?


Both believers and atheists are constantly waiting for clear evidence to confirm or deny the existence of God. Theories and tests conducted by scientists from different fields that are intended to demonstrate the existence of God, Heaven, and Hell. Researchers theories and scientists evidence to prove it are seen below:

The Scientist Who Dug into Hell and Recorded the Cries of Damned Souls

According to legend, in 1989 a team of Russian scientists who were operating under the direction of Dr. Azzacove drilled a hole that was nine miles deep in an unnamed place in Siberia before breaking through into a cavity. Intrigued by this unexpected discovery, they lowered an extremely heat tolerant microphone, along with other sensory equipment, into the well. They listened and recorded (purportedly) the tormented screams of desperate people. The second surprise was the high temperature that they discovered at the earth's center, which was over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The conclusion was that they had opened a hole into Hell.

The Neuroscientist Who Claimed that Heaven Exists 

n 2008, Eben Alexander III, a Harvard neurosurgeon, suffered a very ferocious E coli meningitis infection which attacked his brain and plunged him deep into a week-long coma. Brain scans showed that his entire cortex – the parts of the brain that give us consciousness, thought, memory, and understanding – was not functioning. Doctors gave him little chance to live and told his family that if he did survive he'd probably be brain-damaged for the rest of his life. Against all odds, Mr. Alexander woke up a week after being stricken. Deep in a coma, his brain was infected so badly that only the most primitive parts were working. He claimed that he experienced something extraordinary: a journey to Heaven. Mr. Alexander asserts that there is an eternity of perfect splendor awaiting us beyond the grave, complete with angels, clouds, and departed relatives.

The Professor of Medicine Have Found Sculptures Made by God Himself 

In 1725, Professor Johann Bartholomeus Adam Beringer, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Würzburg, found many pieces of limestone carved into the shapes of lizards, frogs, spiders on their webs, a fish-faced bird, suns, and stars on Mount Eibelstadt, Germany. Some of them were bearing inscriptions such as the Hebrew name of God in Latin, Arabic, and Hebrew characters. These pieces with peculiar forms, in his opinion, were stones carved by God himself. He also considered the possibility that they were the carvings of prehistoric pagans, but he had to rule this out since pagans would not know the name of God. However, this evidence of sculpting only convinced him more strongly that the chisel was wielded by the hand of God.