Doctors succeed to remove blade, coins from girl’s stomach


JAIPUR: A double-edged blade, two Rs10 coins and a razor were successfully removed from the stomach of a 14-year-old girl by the doctors of Sawai Man Singh (SMS) Hospital on Wednesday.
A resident of Hatwada area of the city, the girl accidentally swallowed double-edged blade used along with razor for shaving. It was pointed out b y the doctors that the girl was not psychologically well. After knowing about the incident her relatives rushed her to SMS Hospital’s out patient department. The doctors timely conducted the surgery as her stomach was bleeding from inside and were successful in their effort to pull out blade, razor and two Rs10 coins.

“The case was a challenging one for us as the object swallowed by the girl was a double-edged blade used for shaving which is very dangerous,” SMS hospital’s assistant professor (gastroenterology) who performed the endoscopy of the patient Dr Ashok Jhajharia stated.

Dr Jhajharia told that a device, rat tooth forcep, along with hood was used by him to prevent injury in the procedure to remove the foreign object from her body.

He further stated that the same device was used for taking out the two coins from her stomach. He said that the blade could have injured esophagus but the doctors performed endoscopy.

The doctors claimed that now the patient is fine.