Do you want more likes on selfie…then you should follow these 11 steps..


Chal beta selfie le le re…  have you heard that song from the movie bajrangi bhaijaaan.

Selfie, must be your integral part of your life these days. We see so many people taking selfie with so many likes on social media.

Don’t you wish that your selfie should get more likes. And for that we are going to tell you 11 way to click your selfie..

  1. First we should talk about group selfie. Whenever you click group selfie with your friends or family, then some you can stood at the back or ask for strange reactions. The first look of the characters back to see your photo will look too carefully and make sure that everybody should make different pose like some of them should sit.

2. While taking group selfies, show various deep expressions on your face, so the observer would want to see this picture for some time and would also like.

3.If you are taking selfie with your friends ask them to stood behind you and make strange faces. The observer will look at your pic carefully.

4. If you personally taking your selfie then make sure you click it in different way or with attractive background.

5. If you bought something new and want to show the world through selfies, but you don’t want to show off then pretend to do one thing. Put a special friend in selfie. So they’ll also like the picture of your friendship.

6. If you are in group of your friends do something crazy and exciting.  Then tag everybody on facebook. This photo, you and others to identify themselves and each other will create excitement.

7. Similarly, if you want to do something different hide the feet,or can show one hand or face of all the one-sided can take part in Selfie. In this way, many exciting new ways to create, try your selfie

8. It’s not necessary to always put a makeup on your face for selfie. Your selfie will be good naturally without. Just make expressions or do something different..

9. It is not necessarily to prepare for the Selfie. You go to every friend a suddenly take a selfie. Take your selfie too sudden. Sometimes sudden feeling are very intensely occur in photos. People will like it, you’ll see after some time.

10. If you think that your face looks ugly in selfie then place the camera beside rather than in front. Take the right or left side of the photo.

11. To make your selfie more efficient you can change change the colours to black, white or others. If you want the whole picture black-white, with only the eyes and lips can try be coloring. This effect would be excellent.