Do you know who performed the first memorial service


Every year memorial service is done in Hindu households for their ancestors and their souls to get satisfied. All together in reverence provide food to Brahmins. But very few people know that who did the first memorial service and of whom or where the memorial service was introduced. If you also don’t know about it, let us tell you about it …

After 427 years a great coincidence, This Navaratri everyone’s Misery will be solved

There are different things about memorials in the books of different religions. During the discipline parv of Mahabharat Bhishm Pitamah told Yudhishtir about the memorial service that the first memorial service was preached by Mahatapasvi Atri muni to Maharishi Nimi.  This is how Mahrishi Nimi did the first memorial service and fed his ancestors after feeding the ancestors and gods their souls got fully satisfied.

Continously having the memorial service food the ancestors faced the problem of indigestion and had pain. They went to Brahma Ji and said after having the memorial service food we are having pain and facing the problem of indigestion please do something.

Listening to them Brahma Spoke Agnidev is sitting near me, he will sort out your problem. Agnidev said dear gods and ancestors at the memorial service, we will now have the same meal. You people will then not face the problem of indigestion. Gods and manes were pleased to hear this. Therefore providing food to Agni first is part of the memorial. The following memorial tradition was introduced by Maharishi, on seeing which the other rishi also started paying their ancestors the memorial service. Then gradually people began feeding Brahmins and paying memorial service to their ancestors.

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