Do you know what things to follow during worship?


Devotees should worship God with full dedication and devotion as it benefits them a lot. There are some rules and regulations one must follow while worshipping God. Check what are they:

Why devotees offer mustard oil to Shani Dev on Saturday?

While worshipping Lord Hanuman ji, person should not do prayers between 12 am to 1 pm.

Never blow shell if you are worshiping at night. After sunset, god goes for a sleep. By blowing shell, god wakes up from sleep.

Sun worship is done in the daytime, therefore, if there are any special prayers in the day, then sun worship must be done. But if you are doing worship in the night then you should not worship sun.

Things to not do on Thursday as per astrology

Tulsi is required in worship of Lord Vishnu, Krishna, Satyanarayan. Without Tulsi leaf, worship is not complete. So if you want to worship at night then break Tulsi leaf from plant during day time. Tulsi leaves should not be broken after the evening as it is time for God to sleep.