Do ‘Icchadhari Nagins’ actually exist?


The reality of Icchadhari Nagins

You must have heard legends and myths about many things from your grandparents and Icchadhari Nagins can be one of them. From TV serials to films, the concept of Icchadhari Nag is more often believed to be the stuff of folklore or the ancient past, or just a superstition, having no connection with modern reality.

How are Icchadhari Nag and Nagins?

Ichchadhari Nag (male) or Nagin (female) is a mythical shape-shifting serpent creature in Indian folklore. This creature was originally a venomous snake which could take the form of any living thing, but preferred to be in the form of a human being. Courtesy: Wikipedia

The secrecy behind Nag Mani

Ichchadhari Nag, in snake form, possesses a gem called “Mani", considered much more valuable than a diamond. Legends tell of many people losing their lives through snake bite, when the snakes took revenge for stolen Mani, or if either of a pair of snakes was killed. Courtesy: Wikipedia

How to control a snake?

According to legend, the snakes can be controlled using Been, the musical instrument used by snake charmers. It is believed that it is the idol of snakes, but there is no proof of this. Courtesy: Wikipedia

Do Icchadhari Nag/naagin exist even today?

So just like movies, does Icchadhari Nag/naagin exist even today? Do you know there are snake women in our country called as Santhal Parganas who attack intruders who threaten them with the venom of snakes? They use this to attack enemies and the venom is so effective that death comes almost in an instant!

The secrecy behind Naag mani

The Naag Mani is considered as one of the nine sacred pearls and most of the books on gems give the procedure how it is formed, i.e. when rain drops in Swaati Nakshtra into mouth of the king cobra, the Mani develops.

The secrecy behind Naag mani

Books also mention that it only happens in the cobra that passes one hundred years of life on earth. Once the pearl is formed the snake achieves magical powers and can transform into any form.

Why Naag mani is consider as most powerful weapon?

It is moon like pearl with blue tint and it emits light in darkness to play with it and to search for its prey in its light. Owning such Mani is considered good luck, makes person wealthy and fulfill all desires. It also mentioned that when gem is separated from the Cobra, the cobra dies.

Icchadahrai Nags and Agni Puraan

The Daitya and the Daanav live in the underworld. Vishnu is also there in the underworld, in his form of the great Naag Shesh Naag. Shesh Naag holds up the earth on its hood.

Icchadahrai Nags and Vaayu Puraan

As per the Vaayu Puraan, snakes and demons live in the underworld. Atal Lok is ruled by the demon Namuchi; Sutal Lok by the demon Mahajambha; Vital Lok by the demon Prahlaad; Gabhastal Lok by the demon Kaalnemi: Mahaatal by the demon Virochan; Shreetal Lok by the demon Kesaree; and Paataal Lok by the demon Bali.

Icchadahrai Nags and Vaayu Puraan

The great snake Vaasuki lives in Shreetal and the great snake Shesh lives in Paataal. (Note – Vaasuki is a king of the snakes or Naag. He was the son of Daksh's daughter Kadru and the sage Kashyap. Usually, Vaasuki and Shesh Naag are regarded as synonymous (the name "Anant" also being used for them). The eyes of Shesh Naag are like red lotuses. His complexion is white and he wears blue, His thousand hoods glow with radiance."