DNA at IIFA 2016 : I took offence, Freida Pinto on Salman Khan ‘s rape remark’


Frieda Pinto slammed Khan for his insensitive comment but at the same , mentioned how it’s unfortunate that the media conveniently ignored his reaction..

Salman Khan's rape remark has become the topic of discussion in India. And IIFA 2016 hasn't been spared as well. The media and celebrities have been heard giving their analogies and opinions on Salman's 'insensitive' comment. But it was Freida Pinto whose statement every bit seemed to make sense.

Ask her about the issue and she immediately retorts, "I actually took offence to Salman's comments as well. I feel that there is some sense of responsibility that needs to come with it. And it's important at that point of time for whoever that person is to feel responsible enough to either clarify and apologise or stand the ground if they did something right."

 But is the issue getting blown out of proportion just because Salman said it? Freida says, "It goes two ways actually. The context in which anyone says something is very,very important. Sometimes, I feel and this is not just about this particular comment, but some people might say something which is not wrong. But we need to understand that we do come from a bit of a sensitive culture where it does irk us and it gets blown out of proportion. But it's not the same with Salman's comment."

Although she felt 'offended' with the comment, she urges the media to concentrate on bigger things that plague the Indian society at large. "If you read the comment as a woman, it chunks out as a shocking statement. But of course, if someone did apologise, highlight that as well. People can do all kinds of permutations and combinations here. Everybody wants to analyse, everyone wants to digress. So instead of just focusing on what one person