“Dishoom” Banned In Pakistan


John Abraham and Varun Dhawan-starrer Dishoom is by all accounts getting a decent reaction in India with its high masala content. In any case,  Pakistan is not happy with this full-on entertainer and has reportedly banned Dishoom. The film, which additionally stars Nargis Fakhri and Jacqueline Fernandez was realesed in India and worldwide on Friday (July 29). However, as feared prior, the film has been banned in Pakistan. 

Varun otherwise known as Junaid Ansari of Dishoom is truly annoyed with this news.  The actor took to Twitter to express the same saying: “Really upset that #Dishoom is banned in pakistan. I don’t think the film eventually shows any country in a bad light. It’s a wrong decision.”

Varun illuminated that Dishoom has nothing against Pakistan except for according to the nation's edit board, the film has indicated Pakistan in an awful light. Dishoom manages the abducting of an Indian cricketer only 36 hours before the last match amongst Pakistan and India. After the trailer released, eyebrows were raised on the opposite side of the fringe. 

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Earlier too the actor said, “I would like to clear this. There is no negative reference against Pakistan or any community.” He explained, “It is a very positive representation. In fact, what we are trying to show is that for certain people money is their religion. It’s not being an Indian, Pakistani, Hindu, Muslim or Christian. In the capitalistic world that we live in, money is the biggest driving force for most crimes.” The banning of Dishoom in Pakistan will positively be a misfortune for the film. In the interim, some different reports likewise express that Dishoom has into blue pencil inconveniences in some Gulf states. 

 Varun had expressed his desire to visit Pakistan one day. The actor in fact even had a brush with a Pakistan gentleman while shooting for Dishoom in the Middle East. A senior gent from Islamabad used to drive Varun around the Gulf city and the actor ended up forming a close bond with the man. Varun also spent a lot of time discussing films with him. “Hindi films are loved in Pakistan and he told me that they watch all our movies and hoped that I would visit Pakistan someday. I told him that I would definitely like to come. Just recently our Prime Minister too visited Pakistan. So if things become better one day, I would love to go and visit Pakistan,” Varun then said.

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