Dilma Rousseff cautions of extreme emergency in Brazil


Rio de Janeiro : Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has said the nation is confronting an extreme emergency and is heading towards a highly sensitive situation because of the progressing misuse of power. Rousseff posted on the online networking locales Facebook and Twitter, responding to the late captures of her previous Finance Minister Guido Mantega and previous Chief of Staff Antonio Palocci, Xinhua news organization reported. 

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She said: "The nation is encountering a serious circumstance. The declaration of the new period of Operation Car Wash (the Petrobras examination) by the Minister of Justice Alexandre de Moraes in an appointive crusade … raises suspicions of misuse of power and political utilization of the government police.

" The captures were inside the progressing examination concerning a defilement case including state oil major Petrobras. Rousseff alluded to presentations made on Sunday by Moraes, who guaranteed "more activities" concerning the examination. 

On September 14, Brazil's previous President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was blamed for IRS evasion and debasement regarding the Petrobras examination. On September 22, Mantega was captured and grilled by police. On Monday, Palocci, Lula's previous fund priest and Rousseff's previous head of staff, was captured for professedly getting fixes from Odebrecht, a major development firm firmly required with the Petrobras debasement ring.

Rousseff said were the captures made amid her administration, "we would have been seriously condemned by the press and the resistance. We are drawing nearer a highly sensitive situation," she said. Rousseff was expelled from the administration by the Senate on August 31. She was indicted for infringing upon financial obligation laws in her administration of the government spending plan, which was not identified with the Petrobras outrage.

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