How difficult for a women to be a single parent


What is Single parent?

A single parent is an uncoupled individual who shoulders most or all of the day-to-day responsibilities for raising a child or children. A mother is more often the primary caregiver in a single-parent family structure that has arisen due to death of the partner, divorce or unplanned pregnancy.

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Women are considered to be most soft hearted pure, deep soul whether some people think that women are weak. The single mother as a parent proves wrong to people with small thinking in this society.

Being a single parent to a child is very difficult. Its very difficult for a women to survive in society where people thinks that women can’t grow up his/her child alone. Why a father or man is required? For surname or for financial support. Parents are required to give their child a moral support so that they can live happily in the society.

Parenthood is challenging under the best of conditions. With one parent, the difficulties are multiplied. Coping with child-rearing for single parents becomes more troublesome because of responsibility overload, when one parent makes all the decisions and accommodates the greater part, task over-load, when the demands for work, housework, and parenting can be overwhelming for one person; and emotional overload, when the single parent must always be accessible to meet both their own and their children’s emotional needs.

The Effects on Children

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Children with single parents faces some kind of problems like the children have higher rates of antisocial behavior, aggression, anxiety, and school problems than children in two parent families.


The Single Parent-Child Relationship


Often times, the relationship a single parent has with their child is closer and more companion like than normal. For this specific reason, empty nest syndrome with single parents is experienced much differently than it is for married couples or couples with a partner. Your child can become your partner in crime, your ear to bend or your shoulder to cry on as the two of you forge a place in the world together. When your child leaves for school or wherever he or she is headed, it can be as if your other half is gone. With no other half to lean on, you immediately experience a sense of loss that can be similar to a death. So there is special bond between both of them.

How difficult for a women to be a single parent

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There’s no bond so strong in the entire world as mother and children. For a women it’s very difficult to give his child a best career because when you become a single parent your responsibilities became double. Why Did Almost All Societies Believe that Women Were Inferior to Men? We are living in society where people think women are weaker than man.  This type of conservative thinking became more difficult for women giving the best education, best future, best life to their children. Every pain makes a women stronger day by day. She tries her best to give his/her child everything.

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Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage not weakness.. Happy Womens day..!

Written by: Rishika Arora