Did a lot of homework for Banjo, says Riteish Deshmukh


Actor Riteish Deshmukh will be seen in upcoming movie “Banjo”. He says understanding Banjo players were never an issue but he had to do a lot of homework for the character.

The 37-year-old actor will be seen playing the instrument in his upcoming musical-drama Banjo.

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“A lot of my friends used to play banjo. Whenever there used to be Ganesh festival, we would play and dance. Understanding them or knowing them was not an issue. But we did a lot of homework,” Riteish said.

Riteish said, “Ravi had shot many videos with them (Banjo players). He used to mail me. He interviewed many banjo players and used to show me their style. We tried to work hard on it.

“It was not about visiting a certain place to build a character. We interacted with a lot of banjo players. We had meetings, practice sessions to get the vibe, how the band plays,” he said.

The 37- yr old actor said, “I’m a big Ranbir kapoor fan; I really like his work. I think it will be unfair to compare the two films. When you’ll see the film and the character, you’ll see that both are different characters, so there is no parallel that you can draw. It is like Shah Rukh Khan in a romantic role and Ranbir Kapoor in a romantic role.”

Film “Banjo” is slated to release on September 23.

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