Dialogue is the only way to resolve conflicts: PM Narendra Modi


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday conveyed that, dialogue is the only way to hack religious stereotypes that split community’s crossways the world and sow seeds of conflict between societies and countries.

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PM Modi also conveyed that, as the inter-related and inter-dependent world of 21st century clashes a number of worldwide challenges, from terrorism to climate alteration and I am sure that solutions will be found through Asia’s oldest traditions of dialogue.

PM Modi also further added that the ancient Indian thought of “Tarka Shastra” (debate) is originated on dialogue and avoidance of conflict. It is only natural that the hunt for replies be led by the humanity’s longest traditions of idea, rooted in different religions, civilizations and several streams of spirituality.

Discussing about the environment, he conveyed that man must narrate to nature and revere it and not merely consider it a reserve to be exploited. He further stated that, if man does not nurture nature, then nature responds in the form of climate change. Environmental rules and regulations, as essential in any modern society, afford only an inferior protection to nature.

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