Dhokla Recipe



Bread corms- 4, semolina- ½ cup, yogurt- ¾ cup, oil- 2 tsp, ginger paste- ½ teaspoon, green chilli paste- ½ teaspoon, salt- according to taste, turmeric- ¼ tsp, water- ½ cup, eno-1 Tsp

Pyaaz Ki Kachori Recipe

For Fry:

Oil – 2 teaspoons, mustard – ½ teaspoons, cumin seeds – ½ teaspoon, curry leaves, sesame – ¼ teaspoons, asafoetida, green chili – 1, water – ¼ cup
Sugar – ½ teaspoon, salt, lemon juice – 1 tbsp, fresh coconut – 2 tsp, coriander – 2 tsp


Take the bread crumbus in a bowl first to make an instant bread dhokla. Now add semolina, curd, oil, ginger paste, green chilli and salt and mix well.

Now pour some water in it and stir it, then keep it aside for a while. Now after that add a packet to it.

Now put the solution in the stream bowl and cook it on a steam for a while and when it cools down, remove it in a plate.

Now put a pan on the gas and heat it by adding some oil to it. Now add mustard seeds, sesame seeds and asafoetida and roast it, add green chillies and curry leaves in it.

Now add some water to it when the water starts boiling, then add sugar, salt and lemon juice to it and cook it, and then spread it over the Dhokla.

Khandvi Recipe

Now cut the dhokla and garnish it with coconut powder and coriander. Now your bread is ready to be a headgear.