Dhaka flooding :Why are there ‘river of blood’ at Eid?


As Muslims around the globe observe Eid al-Adha, individuals in Dhaka have been offering pictures indicating roads overwhelmed to blood-recolored water. 

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The blood originates from creatures yielded for the celebration, and had blended with floodwater in parts of the Bangladeshi capital. 

Why is this occurrence? 

About 100,000 domesticated animals were relinquished in Dhaka this year, as per BBC Bengali, chiefly in the city or at underground auto parks in private structures. 

In the meantime, there was substantial rainstorm downpour for the greater part of the day on Tuesday, flooding numerous parts of the city. Flooding has for some time been an issue in the more seasoned parts of the city with poor seepage frameworks. 

In the Shantinagar suburb, and different territories, the blood and creature waste consolidated with the surges made these stunning scenes: occupants swimming through lower leg high wicked water. 

Flooding and the yearly give up of domesticated animals are standard events in Dhaka, which means most inhabitants have not communicated much stun at these photos. 

Why are creatures butchered? 

The yearly Eid al-Adha occasion, the second greatest festival of the year for Muslims after Eid al-Fitr, recognizes when the prophet Ibrahim demonstrated his status to yield his child, Ishmael. 

Goats and bovines are purchased from business sectors by Muslim families and butchered, to express gratitude toward Allah for saving Ishmael, after an imam has perused verses from the Koran. 

The meat is shared between family, companions and poor people, yet the off-cuts and offal are disposed of. 

Has this happened some time recently? 

Verging on consistently there is some measure of blood in the city the same number of families butcher their domesticated animals out and about. It gathers up following a couple days. 

In any case, the substantial downpour this year has misrepresented this, making it look as though the boulevards are inundated with blood. 

The photographs have been imparted on online networking to some scrutinizing the act of creature butcher. 

Others guarded the custom saying it is a religious obligation that additionally gives job to ranchers who offer the domesticated animals and the meat is imparted to poor people. 

What do the powers say? 

Numerous occupants are condemning city authorities for the flawed seepage framework, which has for quite some time been an issue in a few ranges. 

As far as it matters for them, city authorities have said that there were assigned ranges where creatures ought to have been butchered. 

Nonetheless, some Dhaka occupants said there was insufficient battling to make them mindful of these spots. Others said they couldn't arrive in view of the downpour. 

A waste administration official with Dhaka South City Corporation told the Dhaka Tribune they were attempting to determine the flooding issue.

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