Dhaka cafe attack: Militant shot dead in Bangladesh


In the capital of Dhaka, police claimed one more top militant is killed in a den at Rupnagar. Police also asserted that he was the subsequent in command of new JMB leader Tamim Choudhury. He was killed presently. An official of Detective Branch recognized the departed as 'Murad', called 'Major Murad' by the associates of his outfit. He has also further conveyed that, we raided the house on information that he had rented it.

 On Friday an additional police official conveyed that, police raided the house at Road No 33 in Rupnagar Residential Area around 9:30 pm. He has also further conveyed that, Syed Shaheed Alam, OC of Rupnagar Police Station, Inspector Shaheen Fakir and Sub-Inspector Md Momenur Rahman were also wounded.

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They were being treated at Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Police's counter-terrorism unit chief Monirul Islam conveyed Murad was the 'military trainer' of Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB). He was recognized as Major Murad in the organisation. DB's official conveyed police came to know about Murad in the examinations subsequent to the death of Tamim, the alleged mastermind of Gulshan cafe terror attack, in a raid on a house in Narayanganj on Aug 27.

On Thursday he has also further conveyed that, police raided the house in Rupnagar also but establish it locked. Officials has conveyed that, we asked the landlord to inform us when the tenant returns. The landlord locked the house from outside and called police. He also added conveying that, he (Murad) stabbed police officers when they penetrated the house.

 He died following being hit by a bullet through a scuffle that ensued when he tried to flee. DMCH physician Dr Jesmine Nahar conveyed Shaheed sustained damage from a sharp weapon in his waist and Shaheen in his left shoulder and head. She has also further added conveying that, Shaheen also has an injury in his right leg, which appears a bullet wound.

Police had named Tamim, a Canadian-Bangladeshi who led the 'Neo-JMB', as the one who orchestrated the July 1 attack on the upscale Holey Artisan Bakery and O' Kitchen restaurant in Dhaka's diplomatic zone. Subsequent to the attacks at Dhaka's Gulshan and Kishoreganj's Sholakia, a small sleepy town that hosts Bangladesh's largest Eid congregation, police have been looking for hideouts used by militants throughout Bangladesh.

Throughout a routine search in late July, police came below attack from militants holed up in an apartment at Dhaka's Kalyanpur. A SWAT squad afterward stormed the apartment and gunned down nine suspected militants. In Kalyanpur Flags similar to those of radical group Islamic State, which allegedly claimed the Gulshan attack, were establish. The Bangladesh authorities, though, maintain that Tamim led the 'Neo-JMB', which emerged following the JMB split. They have ruled out any association flanked by the outfit and the Islamic State.

Subsequent to declaring Tk 2 million reward for information leading to Tamim on August 2, police chief AKM Shahidul Hoque conveyed police had also recognized the following man and third-in-command in Neo-JMB after Tamim. He has also further conveyed that, we are trying to detain them.

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