DG: BSF to impose five additional battalions at Attari-Wagha border


The Border Security Force (BSF) will soon impose additional five battalions at the Attari-Wagha border.

BSF Director General (DG) KK Sharma said, "Some days back, BSF has killed around eight smugglers including six Pakistani and two Indians. Besides, we have seized heroin in huge amount, which is record in itself. With an aim to intensify our effort, we have decided to induct five more battalions, who will be posted soon, along with that, we are also installing our technical equipment in big number and improving intelligence services as well.”

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"BSF is a modern border guarding force laced with modern equipment, but we upgrade our equipment on regular basis. In coming time, we will be using highly advance equipment. This is a constant process," said the BSF DG.

"It is the result of effort made by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh that we got permission to deploy five more battalions and being provided new equipment," he added.

Sharma said, "We should not connect that incident with this drill. Today, you saw that we offered sweets amid very friendly environment and they accepted it. Kashmir incident is at its own place."

In the mean time, he commended the execution given by schoolchildren from adjacent regions, saying they conquered heat, yet their excitement was irresistible. "The 70th Independence Day was commended here with energy and schoolchildren from adjacent regions displayed a sparkling social project. Their execution was brimming with national enthusiasm. It was pleasant to see them performing."

On the event of Independence Day, the BSF talented a container of customary Indian desserts to the Pakistani Rangers at Attari-Wagah outskirt. At the season of giving over of desserts to Pakistani Rangers, both powers were looking loose; they embraced and shook hands with each other, other than sharing merriments for a couple of minutes.

On Sunday, the Pakistani Rangers had offered conventional Pakistani desserts to their Indian partners on the event of Pakistan's Independence Day.

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