Designer’s response to a Font fail is pretty inspiring


Fresh at the heels of Pakistan’s ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Calibri controversy; another font failure took over social media. After photos of an unfortunately designed tote bag circulated around the web via social media earlier this week, the designer issued an apology. Photos of the bag, which says ‘I love glitter’, were shared broadly on Twitter when clients saw tha the word ‘glitter’ really looked a lot like the word ‘Hitler’.

See the issue?

However, Quotable Life, the US organization which prints these bags, posted a clarification on their Facebook page on July 25, apologizing for the unintended reference in their design.

“To demonstrate our commitment to running a clean, family-oriented business based on respect for all, we are giving 300% of all proceeds ever received from the sale of our discontinued glitter tote bag to the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC,” they said in their inspiring post.

The post has gotten support from different designers and praise for the way the organization took care of the situation.

The bag has been removed from all sites and replaced with another design with a more legible font, also pictured in Quotable Life’s apology.