Demonetization: Man attempts suicide after failing to withdraw cash,


JAIPUR: A man around 50-year-old allegedly tried to commit suicide in Sikar district after he failed to withdraw cash from the bank for his daughter’s wedding.

As reported by Surendra Sharma, circle officer, Sikar city, the episode occurred when on Saturday evening when Ramesh Sharma attempted to hop before the train close Sikar railway station yet was safeguarded after the driver connected the brake.

“The train driver connected the brakes because of which he was spared, he was raced to the clinic for the treatment and the specialists informed us,” Sharma said.

Ramesh told cops that he had been attempting to get his old coin notes exchanged furthermore withdraw back cash from the bank. “He guaranteed that banks in Rewasa were out of cash and he was terrifying as his girl’s wedding was fixed for December 10,” Sharma said.

Not able to get cash in the place where he grew up of Rewasa, Ramesh came to Sikar to organize cash. However, here too he failed because of long line. “He said that he was baffled and chose to end his life, we recorded his announcements and at present examining the matter,” police said.

In spite of the fact that cops question the whole story as they discovered him intensely tanked and was not ready to legitimately answer a few inquiries, “His cases are yet to be checked by us, along these lines, we can’t affirm what he said is very or not,” Sharma said.