Demonetization: 5 Apps and Websites to Avoid Long Queues at ATMs and Banks


While we are hoping that the current demonetization exercise will likely turn for the better, there is still some skepticism about where our nation and its economy will head in the days to come.As of now, the cash crunch scenario has put curious impacts on many. 

People are rushing to banks and ATM machines creating serpentine queues in a quest to get information on exchanging their old notes for the new ones as well as deposit or withdraw money.

Banks are trying their best to help people with a smooth transition but concerns regarding cash availability seems to arise now and then. In fact, all the banks' ATMs have not yet been loaded with cash and people have access to only select ATMs.

The news is that banks are yet to align every one of their ATMs to bolster the new Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 500 notes. While it might at present require some more investment, individuals are currently urgent to locate a working ATM or an ATM with enough money