Demonetisation helped ATS nab Islamic State man


JAIPUR: Rajasthan Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) identified and arrested the alleged Islamic State (IS) fundraiser, Jamil Ahmed, while he was standing in a queue outside a bank in Fatehpur in Sikar district to exchange old currency notes with new ones for travelling to Mumbai after the demonetisation of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes which has caused hardships to scores of people.

Vikas Kumar, Superintendent of police (ATS) said that the IS man was all set with a plan to travel to Dubai via Mumbai on November 17. But on Wednesday the ATS team contacted Ahmed, and Kumar after posing as a passport officer asked Ahmed to come to his `office’ for questioning on account of some discrepancies in the documents of his children. Subsequently, ATS nabbed him and took him to Jaipur for further questioning.

“The underlying cross examination uncovered that Ahmed had turned into a trusted pledge drive for IS commanders. He knew about hawala travel courses, which empowered him to convey cash to IS-held regions through Lebanon and Turkey,” Vikas Kumar told the media.

On Thursday evening, after a neighborhood court sent Ahmed on a seven-day remand, a field group of ATS arrived in Mumbai to scrutinize Ahmed’s family. To ATS’ shock, Ahmed had aggregated properties to the tune of Rs 5 crore in Mumbai. “We needed to know two things: First, why did he move his family from Dubai to Mumbai, and, furthermore, was he wanting to gather property for his better half and five children with the goal that he could battle close by IS authorities in Syria and Iraq,” Kumar said.

The ATS big shots speculate that Ahmed had built up contacts with a few top positioning fear administrator of IS, for example, Abu Hurayra alHindi. “Ahmed knew Mohammad Sirajuddin, an IS selection representative who was captured from Jaipur, despite the fact that the two had never met. Ahmed additionally knew Sirajuddin’s Filipino companion, another IS selection representative herself,” sources said.The capture of Ahmed and test into his modus operan di have set alerts ringing for the insight organizations. Cops expect that IS can endeavor India’s very much oiled system of sorted out wrongdoing like hawala rackets to expand their base.

“IS works in shadows.Unlike Al-Qaeda or Lashkar, this outfit doesn’t have any progression of positions. The greater part of its agents know each other by code names or fake web-based social networking profiles. They converse with each other through scrambled applications like Kik,” an ATS official said.

The ATS official said that alongside NIA, it will track different presumes who have set up contact with Ahmed. “We have recuperated his telephone and portable PCs, he had erased a large portion of the visit history yet we will attempt to recover it,” Kumar told the media.