Demonetisation Has Reduced Crime Rate in Mumbai, says Manohar Parrikar


PANAJI: Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar today asserted that because of the Center's demonetisation move, the rate of crme in Mumbai, including contract killings, murders, coercion and drug trafficking, has descended definitely. "The decision taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a memorable one.

The blackmoney, corruption cash, terror financing and drug money has received a jolt," Mr Parrikar said while tending to BJP's Vijay Sankalp rally in Aldona voting demographic in North Goa. "One of my companions from Mumbai was letting me know that the supari (contract) killings have lessened there. There is no absence of individuals offering supari, yet there is no cash to pay. In the most recent 20 days, the murder rate has come to half in Mumbai," he guaranteed.

 "The examples of blackmail have likewise decreased in Mumbai. On the off chance that anybody goes to the manufacturer and tries to blackmail cash, he is prepared to give the total, yet that cash has no esteem as they are old notes. Because of this, now the person who needed to blackmail cash has likewise halted. Indeed, even here in Goa, blackmail endeavors from the developers have ceased," he said.

 As indicated by Mr Parrikar, the development of opiates in Mumbai has crumpled because of absence of cash to fuel it. "Because of demonetisation, the wrongdoing diagram has been diminished in Mumbai. Modi has killed medicate masters, dread funders, fake notes and blackmoney," he said.

Expressing that Goa will get to be cashless by December 30, Mr Parrikar spoke to the general population to collaborate to satisfy this fantasy of the Prime Minister. "By December 30, we will end up being a cashless society.

Goa has an ability to end up a model state for rest of the states," he said. "We generally feel safe with money money…A bank chief was letting me know that retired people hurry to depend on each first of the month…He said the beneficiaries don't feel fulfilled till they number notes," Mr Parrikar said.

 "Yet, I feel in the present period, there is no requirement for notes. In the Information Technology segment, Goa's infiltration is more than that of Singapore. We can demonstrate the path for the nation," he included.