Delhi University releases its second cut-off list


New Delhi: Delhi University has released its second cut-off list. It has seen a plunge flanked by 0.50 and 2 per cent marks necessary for entrance to the undergraduate courses. A number of colleges have still decreased the compulsory proportion by as squat as 6 per cent marks. At SRCC, the second cut-off for B.Com Hons is at 97.50 per cent and BA Hons Economics at 97.75 per cent. A number of seats are immobile empty in both the courses and are to be overflowing as per subsequent and approaching cut-offs.

Ram Lal Anand College has decreased the proportion baton of cut-off by 6 per cent for equally BA Programme and BA Hon Hindi. At RLA the second cut-off for BAHons English is 93 per cent,B.Com Hons 96.50 percent and B.A. Hons Political Science at 88 per cent. At Aryabhatta College,the second cut-off for B A Hons Economics is at 95.50 per cent and B A Hons English at 94 per cent considering a plunge of 1.50 and 2 per cent correspondingly as compared to first cutoff. For B.Com Hons also the baton congested at 95 per cent which is 2 per cent below that of first cutoff figures. At Kirori Mal College KMC, the second cutoff for BA Hons Economics is 97.50 per cent and above but below 98 per cent marks in aggregate. For BA Hons English the cut-off is 96 per cent and above. KMC has stopped up entrance for BAHons Urdu, BA Hons Sanskrit , BA Hon History and B.Sc. Physical Sciences for universal group of candidates.

Even in off-campus colleges, the second cutoff list remained high for BCom hons and Economics hons, regardless of the dip. For instance, at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College both the subjects were at 97%, which was a dip of 0.25 percentage points. Likewise, at Shivaji College it was 96.5% and 96% for hons and Economics hons respectively. For Science courses the drop in the cutoff has been the uppermost. At KMC for Botany hons the cutoff has decreased by 3 percentage points to 92.5%. Even at Shivaji College, the cutoff for science courses has seen a dip of 2 percentage points. For example, Botany cutoff is now 91%, a dip of 2 percentage points and for Zoology it is 92% from 94% in the primary list.