“Delhi University must have reservation for candidates from Delhi”, says AAP government


AAP party leader Arvind Kejriwal on Monday tweeted that Delhi University must have a reservation quota for students from Delhi.

The admission process has been called as “Bizzare” by the AAP government.

Following are the points on which the government has been critical:

  • No quota for locals
  • No normalisation of marks
  • No entrance test

AAP suggestions for the process of admission:

  • Separate entrance test for DU
  • The 28 colleges that receive funds from Delhi University must give priority to candidates from Delhi
  • Delhi students must be given priority by allotting five percentage points

The pros and cons of idea implementation:

  • The major concern is the fact that out 2.56 lakh students that graduate from DU colleges, only 90,000 manage to get admissions in colleges of the capital for further education
  • The proposal from the Delhi government has a certain logical appeal but changing the character of the university is a risky business
  • The idea of a diverse students group opens up gateways for extensive interaction and learning, hence Kejriwal's idea of a reservation may not be the ideal one for such implications and are likely to take away the very essence and prestige of the college
  • While the idea of reservation may be a good short term change, the adaption of the same for a long term is likely to hamper the standing of the university.