Delhi teen stripped naked and brutalized with beer bottles in Delhi, four arrested


Delhi.A 16 year-old boy being assaulted in southwest Delhi’s Inderpuri by four drunk men. While the teenager’s family members have alleged he was stripped naked, paraded and sexually assaulted by the accused, but police denied their claims.

The video surfaced on Thursday, three days after the assault on Monday in which the teen is seen screaming as he was stripped and brutalized by the drunken men. The victim told a television channel that the five removed his undergarment, stroked him with beer bottles on his genitals and inserted chilli power on his private parts.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (southwest) Surender Kumar said, “In the medico-legal case, there is no history of sexual assault. In the video, there is no evidence of the minor being stripped naked or assaulted. However, the video shows that the minor was bullied and paraded. We have arrested four people in connection with the case.

The video of the incident shows a boy, allegedly the victim, being tied up. He can be seen screaming as he is beaten up and sexually assaulted by the four accused. Later, he is seen naked, as the accused, whose voices can be heard on the video, harass him.

The boy's family says he returned home hours after the attack and tried to kill himself.

The attackers, who are all from the neighborhood, have been charged with assault among other crimes.