Delhi: Stalker stabs woman to death, kills himself with same knife


Delhi police has conveyed that, a 32-year-old woman was stabbed to death by a man who had supposedly been pestering her, following which he stabbed himself after that with the same knife. On Sunday the occurrence was accounted in southwest Delhi’s Inderpuri.

The accused died in hospital Monday morning. According to police, the indicted, Sanjay, stabbed the woman, Lakshmi, more than 10 time previous to stabbing himself. The occurrence took place when the woman was returning home subsequent to work at about 8 pm on Sunday. Sanjay, blocked her way and tried to talk to her.

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Her husband, Rajkumar has also further conveyed that, “When she denied to talk, he whipped out a knife and stabbed her several times in the stomach.” Police officials have also further conveyed that, following stabbing the woman, Sanjay stabbed himself. Both were taken to hospital where doctors affirmed Lakshmi dead. Sanjay died during the treatment.

DCP (southwest) Surendra Kumar conveyed Sanjay was detained a year ago over accusation of harassment but got out on bail presently. The family, though, claimed Sanjay had been stalking Lakshmi for many years but police did not take any action.

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