Delhi: Senior Officer goes on leave after Minister Jain insulted at him


New Delhi: Transport minister Satyendar Jain is once again in the eye of a storm with the special commissioner in the transport department, Indu Shekhar Mishra, going on 15-day leave after sending a letter to the lieutenant governor, Najeeb Jung, complaining of misbehaviour by the minister.

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Sources said Mishra had an argument with Jain at his room in the Delhi Secretariat on Monday morning. He has also marked a copy to the chief minister and the chief secretary. “He (the minister) shouted at me and asked me to leave the room. He also accused me of not doing any work,” Mishra said.

Similar incidents took place in December after Jain suspended two officers. Protesting the move, DANICS officers went on leave on January 1, the first day of the odd-even scheme of the transport department. Despite repeated attempts,the Delhi government spokesperson did not respond. Sources said Mishra angered the minister after he objected to Jain’s plan of opening the regional transport office from 7am to 7pm every day.

“He opposed the government’s move to bring DTC drivers to RTOs to conduct driving tests. Mishra insisted these drivers were not trained to hand out driving licences. He had advised the minister to consult the labour department as drivers shouldn’t work for 12 hours at a stretch as per the Motor Vehicle Act,” said a source.

Mishra said he was called for a meeting at the minister’s office at a short notice on Friday, and he requested to postpone the meeting. “I was out for an inspection at Sheikh Sarai office of the motor licensing officer. At 4pm, I was asked to attend a meeting at 4:30pm. I requested them to shift it to Monday as it was impossible to reach there at such a short notice. When I went to his office at 10.30am on Monday, the minister started shouting at me. I don’t think, this was the right way to speak to an officer,” said Mishra. Thereafter, Jain relieved him of the charge of administration and asked him to look after the enforcement wing of the department.