In Delhi Park 16-Year-Old Girl Raped By A Friend


Be that as it may, the girlĀ  had at first affirmed that she was gang-raped yet after examination it rose that she was lying, police said.

The young lady went to the park in the region around 9.30 pm on tuesday where her 22-year-old companion professedly constrained himself on her, police said.

At the point when the girl returned home, her parents asked her for what reason she got late and with a specific end goal to save her companion and not get scolded by her parents, she concocted a story that she was group raped, a senior cop said.

“She charged that four men assaulted her before her male companion,” said the officer.

He said it was simply after the CCTV film of the range was analysed and her companion questioned, that truth emerged.

The denounced companion has been captured, the officer said. The girl was known to the charged for around a year as he worked close to her home, he included.