Delhi: Man stabs wife’s ‘lover’ 20 times, slashes throat


New Delhi: A 28-year-old man stabbed his wife's alleged lover over 20 times and slashed open half of his throat before throwing the body in an open field in west Delhi's Nihal Vihar on Saturday. Kabir was arrested on Wednesday.

The police said Kabir kept stabbing Naresh Dass (26) in his jaw, chest, head and face until the victim stopped resisting. Kabir said his wife worked directly under Dass at a shoe-manufacturing unit and used to talk to him on phone beyond working hours for the past few months as they were having an affair.

Kabir said they didn't stop despite repeated warnings and even met at his house in Nihal Vihar when he used to be away. The accused also told cops that he got to know about the affair through a local friend who had seen Dass coming to and leaving his house several times.

Fed up, the accused inserted a memory card in his wife's phone without her knowledge and managed to record her conversations with Dass to prove her infidelity. Kabir used to take out the chip at night and listen to the conversations when his wife was asleep, said the police.

On November 8, the accused listened to an intimate conversation between the duo and decided to eliminate Dass for ruining his family life. He bought a big knife from Sultanpuri and hid it under an electric transformer near his house. On November 11, he found Dass at his house in the evening and decided to eliminate him.

Kabir started talking to Dass casually and then asked him to come for a drink. Before leaving for the wine shop, Kabir took the knife. They bought liquor from a wine shop in Kamrudeen Nagar and went to Sukhi Nehar in the same area for the drink.

After a while, Kabir told Dass that he knew everything about the illicit relationship. Sensing danger, Dass tried to run away but Kabir caught hold of him and started stabbing him. Kabir even took snaps of the body in a pool of blood so that he could show it to his wife.

However, he finally decided not to tell her about the murder. The bloodstained phone was found on him, which also had the conversations between his wife and the victim. A team led by ACP (Nangloi) Anand Sagar and the SHO of Nihal Vihar, Sharat Chandra, cracked the case within four days, said Vijay Kumar, deputy commissioner of police (west).