Delhi: Man arrested for blackmailing girls by morphing their Facebook and WhatsApp pictures


New Delhi: If you are on social networking sites like Facebook or WhatsApp, better watch out. You need to change the privacy settings or else one can get hold of your profile photograph and misuse it with a criminal intent. 

He was turning 30. He told police he was frustrated because all his friends were married with kids while he was still a bachelor. At a little over 50kg and 5 feet 4 inches, he considered himself underweight and short, which is why, he thought, women turned down his requests for friendship or marriage.

In a desperate attempt to get women to notice him, he started sending morphed pictures to girls, aged between nine and 16 years, through Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. Rajesh Gambhir (29), a mobile shopkeeper, was arrested on Saturday for harassing and blackmailing around 100 girls by allegedly sending them their morphed vulgar photos, abusive messages and dirty jokes.

He had downloaded a “cut and paste” application in his mobile phone and used it for morphing photographs of girls, which he randomly picked and saved from Facebook profiles. Gambhir had a collection of 52 morphed photos of various girls on his three mobile phones. He threatened girls to accept his friendship or he would circulate their morphed photos on the internet and social networking sites.

“I did that only for sexual pleasure by having dirty chats with girls. I never met the girl or disclosed my original identity to them. It was harmless flirting and I never spent more than a week with one girl,” police quoted Gambhir as saying.

A resident of Delhi’s Kishan Ganj, Gambhir used prepaid SIM cards which he procured through documents of customers who visited his mobile shop for obtaining new SIM cards. Gambhir used illegally procured the SIM cards to avoid police attention.

Vijay Singh, deputy commissioner of police (northwest), said Gambhir’s arrest came following investigation into a complaint filed on Thursday by the mother of a Class 9 student of a reputed north Delhi school. Gambhir was caught from his home after details were collected about him through technical surveillance. Three mobile phones and a SIM card were seized from his home.