Delhi headed for chaos, our decisions being rendered null and void says Arvind Kejriwal


New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday accused the Centre of starting a process to declare “null and void” all Delhi government’s decisions taken in the last one-and-a-half-year through the Lt Governor, claiming the move will only lead to “chaos”. Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Saturday in a fresh salvo at the Centre’s representative.

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Kejriwal said all files are now being sent to Jung for approval following a high court decision of August 4 that made L-G the administrative head of the capital. The AAP government has challenged the verdict in Supreme Court.

Kejriwal said there was a “difference of opinion” but no “wrong intent” behind not sending earlier files related to various government decisions to the L-G for approval.Ever since assuming power with a brute majority, Kejriwal has fought a bitter battle with Jung for administrative control of the city-state where a complex governance pattern gives the L-G more powers than the state government. The chief minister also accuses the BJP-led government at the Centre of trying to rule the capital through Jung.

“Do you understand the ramifications? We increased the circle rate of agricultural land. Will the money compensated to the farmers have to be taken back? Will we have to bring down 8,000 extra classrooms and mohalla clinics (built by the government),” Kejriwal asked a day after the wakf board was dissolved by the L-G. Jung has set up a three member committee to review all decisions taken by the AAP government since February last year, which required his approval.

Kejriwal said high court orders cannot have a retrospective effect and suggested that the past government decisions are regularised. “Decisions taken by (the) wakf board have been declared null and void. The DERC has been shut. All lawyers, who fought our cases, their fees have been stopped. Why? Because files were not sent to the L-G. Don’t make it laughable. Governance is a very serious business. It will completely create a chaos in Delhi if they do this,” he said.

L-G had set aside the appointment of DERC chief last month saying it was taken without his approval and thus was illegal. Kejriwal said if the L-G had a difference of opinion then he should have not waited for eight months to express that. “You can’t exercise your difference of opinion in infinity,” the chief minister said.

Kejriwal also questioned the L-G’s order to withdraw last year’s notification of increasing circle rates of agricultural land in Delhi and asked if money will be retrieved from those farmers who have received higher compensation.

“Agricultural land circle rates were increased from Rs 53 lakh to Rs 3.5 crore. Some famers got money based on it. But if this decision is now termed null and void then are you going to take money back from farmers?” he said. Sources in the L-G office said the decision was revoked and a six-page note was sent to the CM office highlighting errors in the scheme. However, the L-G’s office refused to give an official reaction to Kejriwal’s allegations.

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