Delhi: Girl catches Ola Cab driver filming her inside the car


New Delhi: The state of women's security in radio taxis only appears to be going downhill. In the most recent incident, Delhi resident Priyanka Gusain caught her Ola taxi driver secretly filming her while she hitched a ride to her home in Chanakyapuri. Priyanka Gusani was travelling in an Ola Cab to Chanakyapuri in Delhi at 12.43 pm when she noticed that she was being secretly recorded by the driver.

In a post shared on July 17 on Ola's Facebook page, Priyanka Gusain describes her cab ride from hell when she noticed the driver secretly filming her on his mobile phone. He has now been fired by the cab company.
The incident occurred when Ms Gusain was travelling to Chanakyapuri a little after noon. Like most people, Ms Gusain went about checking her emails and answering calls during her commute. She, however, felt slightly uneasy about the driver's body language.
Mere moments later, Ms Gusain noticed the driver holding his phone in a strategic manner, its camera angled at her. She asked him to pull over, confiscated his phone and realised he had actually recorded video of her.
"There it was, a video of me, all of me. My every gesture, movement, each word uttered was recorded on his phone. Never in my life did I ever feel this violated," she says. She eventually dragged the driver to a police station.
 As if the shock of being secretly recorded wasn't bad enough, Ms Gusain was told by a policeman: "Madam, ye chhoot jayega, it's a bailable offence."
"The driver is probably out right now, driving some girl somewhere and violating her in ways the law does not seem to recognize," she says on Facebook, urging Ola to take strict action against the driver.
In a comment on the post, Ola Cabs first apologized to Ms Gusain for the incident and later, in another comment shared some 19 hours ago, said the driver had been terminated. While it's a good thing that the cab company has taken such swift action, it makes for an extremely scary incident, added to a plethora of horror stories already in circulation.