Delhi cop’s instructional video is going viral for all the right reasons


LPG cylinders have made life so much easier for thousands of households. By giving a clean and convenient mode for cooking, they have come as a boon. However these cylinders are highly flammable, which means that holes in LPG cylinders make for one of the most common cause of fires in India. In such a situation, it is important to know how to extinguish fires created by gas spills. Maybe that is the reason this video is turning into a web sensation via web-based networking media.

A video uploaded on Facebook by policeman Sushil Kumar has been seen almost 6 million times in only two days. In the video, the policeman can be seen exhibiting to a group of individuals the right approach to extinguish a fire caused by a cylinder spill. A huge group of individuals, probably residents of a Delhi state, can be seen gathered around him in the video.

In the video, Mr Kumar recommends wrapping a wet cloth tightly around a cylinder fire to put it out. He clarifies how the lack of oxygen will extinguish the fire. However, we suggest you call emergency services in case of a fire before trying this out.

Since being shared online on March 19, the instructional video has been shared more than 2 lakh times. Many have expressed gratitude toward Mr Kumar for spreading awareness. “Very thoughtful. Something that every one of us should know, this might be a matter of life and death.Thanks,” says one analyst.

You can watch the video beneath: