Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal goes “silent” after tongue surgery


Aam Aadmi Convenor Arvind Kejriwal has gone silent as he had undergone throat surgery at Narayana Health City in Bommasandra, Bangalore, on Tuesday.

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The doctors said, “He suffered from an enlarged soft palate and uvula in relation to a slight increase in the volume of the tongue”.

His cough has led to many problems in the structure and positioning of his mouth and throat area. “He was operated on Tuesday for persistent cough which has troubled him for over 40 years.” Doctors said.

“The surgery corrected an anatomical abnormality of his oral-pharyngeal (part of the throat) and palatal (top surface of the mouth) that was causing small amounts of saliva to trickle into his air passage whenever his nose-breathing was affected by allergy or other factors,” the hospital said.

Dr. Paul C Salins, medical director and vice president of Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre has operated him. Initially, he was diagnosed for his cough problems.

“There was a restricted space for the movement of his tongue and an enlarged soft palate and uvula in relation to a slight increase in the volume of the tongue that caused kinematic problems in the function. The surgery involved correction of a significant septal spur and palato-pharyngeal (small muscle at the roof of the mouth) correction. There was repositioning of the tongue-base relationship along with the reorganisation of the chin area. The aim of the correction was functional restoration rather than that of a disease,” it said.

“The recovery for such a long-standing problem with its own functional accommodation will be gradual. Based on his recovery on Thursday, the doctors will advise him on when he can start talking,” a hospital spokesperson said.

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