Delhi: Bus crushes brother & sister while crossing road with grandfather


Police official has conveyed that, on Wednesday a seven-year-old boy and his five-year-old sister forwarding to school died following they were mowed down by a DTC cluster bus in south Delhi’s Saket area. Police officials have also further conveyed that, the children’s grandfather who was taking them to school was also struck by the bus and was wounded.

The occurrence took place around 7.30 am when Bhagwan Paswan (50) was going to drop his grandchildren Sailesh and Rishika to their MCD school in Saket’s G-Block. Senior police officer has also further conveyed that, they were crossing the road when the bus hit them near Saket Metro station. The bus was going forward Badarpur from Mohammad Pur.

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The bus driver deserted the vehicle and fled subsequent to the accident. People collected at the spot and hurried the wounded man and children to a nearby hospital, where doctors announced Sailesh and Rishika dead. Police officers have also further conveyed that, their grandfather was referred to AIIMS. A case under sections of carelessness causing death and rash driving has been recorded at Saket police station.

Paswan has also further conveyed that, “I signalled the driver to sluggish down, but he kept driving hastily. He dragged all of us and the children were left lying in a pool of blood. Whereas we were being taken to the hospital, both the children were mindful, but they did not survive.” He added that his grandchildren were discussion about their classes minutes previous to the bus struck them.

The children’s father, Jitendra, a labourer, conveyed he was regarding to leave for work when he got a call on his phone concerning the misfortune. Jitendra has also further conveyed that, both my children were very close to their grandfather, who dropped them at school every day. The children’s mother, who works as a domestic help, was in shock. The family lives at Block B in Saket. At the time of going to press, the bus driver had not been detained.

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