Delhi: 4-Foot-Long Cobra recovered At JNU Campus


NEW DELHI: In a surprising incident, a 4-foot-long snake was recovered in the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus on Delhi on Tuesday afternoon. The students got astonished to see it in the campus. It was seen in front of the staff quarters of JNU campus.

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Surprised natives told the matter to security personnel who informed animal rescue organisation Wildlife SOS for assistance.

“We have spotted the cobra in this area on several occasions in the past week. The snake had moved out into the land behind the staff quarter so we decided to keep a close eye on its movement till help arrived,” affirmed Manju Tripathi, a native stated.

Later, the animal rescue organization Wildlife SOS caught the snake. Currently, the snake is under surveillance and will be freed into its usual home soon.

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JNU campus is situated in more than 5.2 lakh square metres of Delhi.