Delhi: 36-yr-old woman stabbed to death by husband


New Delhi: On Sunday morning a 36-year-old woman was cruelly stabbed over two dozen times by her husband on the misgiving of an extra-marital affair in southwest Delhi's Vikas Vihar. The man then endeavored to commit suicide by cutting the veins of his hands. The woman died on the spot, whereas the man is in a critical situation.

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Prem Singh, an e-rickshaw driver, had made the plan to slay his wife, Suman, a day previous to as he had plunged their two children, aged 8 and 12, at his relative's place. Suman's neighbours listen her screams and hurried to their house. A senior police officer has also further conveyed that, the neighbours said the police that Singh stabbed Suman with a kitchen knife.

They tried to open the door, but by the instance they got in the woman was on the floor in a pool of blood and the man was sitting in a bend with both his hands bleeding copiously. The woman was hurried to a hospital where she was announced brought dead.

Singh was confessed in a serious state. There were injury marks all over her body, which has been sent for autopsy. A police officer has also further conveyed that, early probe reveals that Singh was drunk when he attacked his wife. Neighbours conveyed the couple frequently fought over the matter.

 DCP (southwest) Surender Kumar conveyed Singh would be detained and his declaration taken following his situation stabilises. A case of murder and attempt to suicide has been registered.

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