Delhi: 3-yr-old raped, strangled and left to die, accused arrested


New Delhi: On Monday evening a three year-old girl was allegedly raped by her neighbour, who stays in the similar building, in north Delhi’s Sarai Rohila. Police officials have conveyed that, initial investigation exposed that the 35-year-old indicted supposedly abducted the girl from outside her home on the pretext of buying her a chocolate.

 Police officials has also further conveyed that, he took her to an remote area near Dayabasti station and supposedly raped and strangled her, previous to leaving her to die in a six-foot ditch. Deputy Commissioner of Police (north district) Madhur Verma has conveyed that, the girl, who became unconscious, was originated alive by police about 10 hours later.

 The indicted has been detained though the girl is recovering in Hindu Rao hospital. The girl is said to be out of danger. Police Officials has also further conveyed that, on Monday afternoon, the girl’s parents had gone to convene their relatives.

They exposed that she was missing when they returned at 8 pm. The girl’s father instantly informed police. Police originate that she was previous seen with the indicted. They detained him from his home, where he was originated drunk.

The accused tried to deceive investigators but police establish a bloodstain on his shirt. After constant examination, he broke down and confessed. An officer has also further conveyed that, he said police that he took her near Dayabasti station, where he consumed liquor and raped her.

After that, he strangled her and thought she had died. He dumped her in a pit and went home. Police rescued the girl and took her to the hospital.