Deepika Padukone on why she wasn’t ready to take on a Hollywood project


Now when you see her in the xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage trailer, you'll never say Deepika Padukone appears to be uncertain in regards to her feelings. 

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Yet, in an uncommon affirmation, she acknowledged that her Hollywood trip "hasn't been simple". She told a main daily paper that "At first, I didn't feel like I was prepared to take up a universal undertaking. I was offered movies in the past as well, yet they simply didn't feel right. I have dependably taken after my heart and my intuition." And that she was primarily offered cliché parts previously.

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But, she also admitted that times were changing. “The world is waking up to new talent. Having said that, it is all about whether an actor suits a role or not. An actor should be cast in a movie only if his or her talent brings something unique to the table. I don’t think an actor’s religion, gender, or the region he or she belongs to, should be the reason to sign him or her for a film,” she said. She concludes, "It is up to you to say yes or no to a role that doesn’t excite you. The films I was offered earlier didn’t excite me.”