Deepak Tijori discovers his marriage is NULL & VOID


90s star Deepak Tijori, who has been lost from the film scene for a long while now is back in the news and for an extremely abnormal reason! The on-screen character who has played a side-kick to Bollywood biggies Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan as of recently dicovered that his 20 years of marriage with spouse Shivani is not lawful and stands invalid and void.

The performing artist producer is hitched to Shivani Tomar and even has a 20-year-old daughter. Nonetheless, their wedlock hit absolute bottom when diffrence began developing. Before long Deepak got himself tossed out of his home by Shivani. She additionally petitioned for a divorce with Deepak and it was just when the star reached his legal advisor that he discovered that she is not even his better half lawfully.

Indeed, it was Shivani’s second marriage with Deepak. Be that as it may, she hasn’t divorced her first spouse yet, so in fact, her marriage with Tijori stands invalid and void.

It’s hard to appreciate what Deepak should get going through to find out his wife other of very nearly 20 years is not even his better half, legallly!