Death toll in Pakistan oil tanker fire reaches to 175


Nearly 175 people lost lives in the Pakistan’s oil tanker fire that took place recently. The bodies of several people were found at Lahore, Multan and Faisalabad on Thursday.

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“The death toll in the oil tanker inferno today rose to 175 as 10 more succumbed to their injuries. The toll may continue to rise as most of the injured, over 60 people, have received 60 to 100 per cent burn injuries,” a senior official Jam Sajjad stated.

As per the senior doctor at the Jinnah Hospital in Lahore, several people who got wounded were reserved in isolation rooms due to lack of rooms in the hospital.

“Such patients are vulnerable to infection which is most common cause of mortality in burn patients,” the doctor stated.

About 120 people involving women and children died in the firing on the spot and 140 others got wounded ahead of Eid.

The incident took place after the tanker which was going to Lahore capsized on the national highway due to its tyre burst and the driver lost control.  Later, he was taken to the hospital.

Currently, the hospital authorities are doing DNA test of the deceased’s to identify them.

The photographs and videos of the incident have gone viral on the social media that featured people   accumulating fuels in bottles and cans. Due to explosion of tanker, the fire blows up leading to several people dead.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif stated “illiteracy and poverty” is a cause behind the issue.

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As per the reports, “The fire broke out after someone lit a cigarette among the victims and threw its butt”