Dead Mermaid found on the seashore of Gujarat, see Photos


We often hear about strange stories and articles every day. One more story has come to limelight and it is all about mermaids that created sensation among people of Gujarat.

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The people got shocked when they found mermaid on the coast of Gujarat. Mermaids are still a mystery to the world.

But many people have claimed to see mermaid in Gujarat’s coast. Not only has this, photographs of her body gone viral on the social media recently.  But you don’t know what happened later to her dead body.

People across the country are sharing this picture on social media. But later you will not know what happened to this body. In fact, neither in India nor in any other country, people saw any mermaid till now.

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The video of this mermaid was seen millions of times by the people on Internet. This is not real mermaid. Rather, this mermaid was used as a prop in the film Pirates of the Caribbean.