Which day is perfect for Griha Pravesh, know here?


When a person make house, he keep in mind the necessary things associated with Vaastu. Similarly, when new bride enters the house, one should remember these essential things:

Benefits of lighting up Diya

As per Vastu, the auspicious days for newly bride woman to enter the house is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

While entering house, it is necessary to take care of five karmas including constellation, date, yoga, karma etc as per almanac.

For auspicious time, it is important to take stock of the geographical conditions of that place.

It is necessary to keep the attention of the sun rays at the time of the entrance.

Griha Pravesh should never be done during Krishna Paksh. Always select the date during Shukla Paksh.

Remedies to make Shani Dev happy

If you want to keep away the architectural or negative powers from the house then it is very necessary to perform Vaastu havan at the time of the Griha Pravesh of newly bride. This helps to remove all the negative energies from the house.