Datawind offers 1 year free internet


DataWind is a developer of wireless, web-access products and services. Datawind manufactures low cost tablets for the purpose of education in developing countries. The company is known for its development of the Aakash tablet computer, which is the world’s cheapest tablet at US $37.99/unit. 

Datawind, known for its low-cost products which has earlier offered ultra budget tablets under its Ubislate and PocketSurfer lineups, this time the company has partnered with Reliance Communications and launched its PeketSurfer GZ handset in India for Rs. 1,499. The firm further announced that with the purchase of each unit, one-year of free internet subscription will be provided by Reliance.

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Commenting at the launch, Suneet Singh Tulli, CEO of DataWind said “We are focused on driving the cost downward to a level where access to technology becomes universally affordable and democratization of technology finds its true meaning. Therefore, this new launch of smartphone at just Rs 1499 is a step in that direction. This will certainly enhance the connectivity in the developing nations.”

“Hands-free communication has become extremely important and we feel strongly that this technology should reach every corner of the world. DataWind aims to breaks the affordability barriers and bandwidth constraints of networks touching the mass of India at a whole new level,” Tulli explained the need of pocket friendly handsets in India. However, he didn’t utter a word regarding detailed specification of the device.

Few months back, IDC preported that Datawind leads the Indian Tablet market which grew 1.3% share with 0.86 million units in Q1 2016 as compared to the same period last year. The report further added that the consumers started preferring large screen smartphones rather than tablets; hence their rate of growth is slower.

Datawind led the market with 27.6 per cent share, followed by Samsung (15.2 per cent), Lenovo (13.6 per cent), Micromax (11.3 per cent) and iBall (8.7 per cent).

Talking about the PocketSurfer lineup, the firm has offered PocketSurfer 2G4X, PocketSurfer 3G4X, PocketSurfer 3G 5 and PocketSurfer 3G4Z smartphones with bundled free Internet plans. These handsets were launched under the price range from Rs. 2,499 t0 Rs. 5,999. While, the Ubislate lineup of tablets include, Ubislate 3G10Z, Ubislate i3G7, Ubislate 3G7Z, Ubislate 9W, Ubislate 10Ci, Ubislate 7DCX, Ubislate 7DCX+, Ubislate 7SC*, Ubislate 7DC* starting at Rs. 3999. These devices come pre-loaded with UbiClass app which allows students to watch lectures and play quick quizzes.

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