Data shows 2 Earth Sized Exoplanets confirmed to be Rocky


Some days before NASA’S K2 Mission Kepler along with some astronauts were send to space and has found around 104 new Exoplanets there. Now the astronomers have confirmed that two of the three exoplanets course a dim, cold, red star named TRAPPIST-1are rocky and have moderately thin atmosphere, making it more probable to hold up life. According tosources, the TRAPPIST-1 is an “ultracool dwarf” regarding 39 light years long from Earth. It is conveyed to be 2,000 times dimmer than the sun and a bit less than half as warm as the sun. Former study established out that various regions of the three exoplanets have regions with the right temperature to hold liquid water, propose that it might be competent of supporting life based on their size and temperature.

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Though, investigators at that time are unsure if the three planets are rocky just like Earth. At present investigators have long-established that the two innermost exoplanets of TRAPPIST-1 are primarily rocky planets by NASA’s Hubble Telescope. In a rare event on May 4, TRAPPIST-1c and TRAPPIST-1b passed in front of their star at the same. The researchers pointed the Hubble telescope at TRAPPIST-1 to capture the rare double transit and research the atmospheric properties of the two exoplanets at the similar time. Their research, revealed that the dips in TRAPPIST-1’s light throughout the double transit did not vary considerably, suggesting that two worlds have compact atmosphere like other rocky planets. Julien de Wit, a postdoc in MIT’s Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences and first author of the planethas also further conveyed in a statement that, the plausible scenarios comprise something like Venus, with high, thick clouds and an atmosphere dominated by carbon dioxide, or an Earth-like atmosphere dominated by nitrogen and oxygen, or even something like Mars with a depleted atmosphere. The subsequently step is to try to disentangle all these probable scenarios that exist for these terrestrial planets.

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