Data of 10 bank hacked from National Payment Commissions of India


The information of 10 banks has been hacked from National Payment Commission of India (NPCI), sources told dna. Individuals have grumbled that cash has been pulled back from their financial balances. 

Be that as it may, NPCI supervisor AP Hota told dna this was not valid. He said, "Not right. We suspect that trade off has happened at a couple of ATMs of a bank in private area. Be that as it may, the bank is yet to affirm. Our Risk Head is in contact with the bank."NPCI additionally said that they got data in regards to a particular bank and that the bank is doing a criminological review. 

Unverified sources said that sums have been pulled back in China. 

Top sources at the Finance Ministry said that the administration knows about the matter and will investigate the information spill.

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