Dangerous roads to explore in India


The world’s largest road network is in India, but the larger it is, the more dangerous it is. Crossing these roads are not easy. If a person misses little bit, the risk gets doubled. It is difficult to drive on these roads that look very beautiful. After knowing about these roads, you will definitely want to see them once.

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Zojila pass-

The journey of Zójila road is only 9 km. While travelling on this road, you will face small roads, less security arrangements, landslides, ice mud etc.

Nathu La Pass-

Nathu-La road is covered with snow all year long. During rainy season and snowfall, this road gets quite slippery.

Khardungala Pass-

It covers a distance of 39.7 km from Leh. Khardunga gets dangerous during rainfall and winds.

Kinnaur Road –

This road can also be called a hanging drive. Here the mountainous rocks of the hills stand in the welcome of death.

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Leh Manali Highway-

Leh Manali is one of the most dangerous highways. Due to bad weather, two-way traffic makes it difficult.